Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Family Update...

Life in the Wood household is going well. The Christmas decorations have come out in full force and we are on our way to being ready for Old St. Nick. Griswold (AKA my dear husband) has managed to turn our outdoors into Candyland. The girls and I take care of the indoor decorating aside from the tree. The tree is always a family event and we strive to make it as “enjoyable” as possible.

My husband has his first exam in mid December and he’s been preparing for it since week 1. What a tremendous amount of work, but nothing can stop him he’s determined and loves it.

My oldest daughter is working on her first school project of the year and is still struggling through some anxiety from the move. But she’s doing well and making some lovely friends along the way.

My youngest daughter is this resilient little individual and not much seems to faze her. School is going well for her and she’s been singing us some pretty Christmas songs in preparation for her upcoming Christmas concert.

I still play my part in fretting about all three of them. Worrying if my oldest daughter is too stressed out sometimes and takes life too seriously, while on the other hand I’m concerned that my youngest is just being strong to keep her Mom and Dad from worrying. But at the end of the day I look at us and think we’re doing pretty darned good.

Now it’s time to get focused on what’s next for me and where I fit into this puzzle aside from being the organizer/cook. I’m not working but hope to find something in the new year that will pan out. I’ve let my running slip quite terribly so my plan is to get back at it. I need to start making this place my home too, now that I know the rest of the family is on its way to a successful transition.

For now I’m getting shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning and taxiing done. I’m enjoying almost every minute of it and looking forward to the future.

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