Monday, December 13, 2010

5 more sleeps…

Ever since we’ve had our children we calculate everything by “sleeps”, for some reason it simplified things for them and for us.

My husband writes his first exam in 5 sleeps, on Saturday morning at 9am he will be sitting down to write the first test that will begin his long journey of examinations.

As I sit and write this entry I am surrounded by papers, and diagrams in the office. When I look closely at the massive whiteboard that is filled with words that I can’t even pronounce let alone have a clue what they mean, I am overwhelmed with the knowledge a physician has to ascertain (and this is only year 1!!). It seems nearly impossible for one to cram all of this knowledge into one’s brain!

He’s been studying day and night for weeks now in preparation for this exam and will for the next 5 sleeps…we are all very much looking forward to getting over this first hurdle so we as a family unit can move forward and get some quality time together.

The girls are dealing with my husband’s nonstop studying fairly well. This past weekend we travelled home and had to leave my husband behind to study. This was hard for him as well as us because he was missing family and friend annual parties that we always looked forward to attending together. But he was happy to see us arrive home with a plate full of food for him and even a gift from the Yankee swap. We’re making the best of our situation and realize that life could and will be so much more difficult. But at the same time we’re sad to not have him by our side.

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