Saturday, April 16, 2016

6 Years Later…

Six years ago, our family of 4 embarked on an adventure that took a lot of faith and a little bit of courage.  When my husband got accepted to medical school, we were living a comfortable life. But looking back, we would do it again (but I’m glad we don’t have to! )

So many things fell in place on this journey, it truly has made us realize that this was part of the plan.

In 2010, we moved to Quispamsis, into the perfect home (after several coats of paint and lots of scrubbing – thank you Mom, Dad, Beth, and Mark) We bought the house for one main reason, when I walked into the backyard I saw girls playing next door. That’s what sold the house, I could care less about the inside of the home. But I cared a whole lot about providing a happy place for our girls. This house was meant to be our home, and boy oh boy did our girls enjoy their time there! It still brings me tears of joy when I think about the 4 of them playing countless hours together. Instant and forever friends.

Our daughters were so brave to start a new school and persevere through their fears. It wasn’t easy for them. Our oldest had fainted days before she started school and had quite a concussion. So that added to her stress. Thankfully she made some great friends at school who made her feel very welcome.

I remember going to a Halloween concert for our middle daughter. She had gone as Raggedy Ann with this adorable red yarn wig, but kids in her class had laughed at her; she cried and so did I. She didn’t want to go on stage after that, but through the work of her amazing teacher, she got through it and wore the wig ;-) It’s funny the memories that stick in your mind.

As we wind down this chapter of our lives, I can’t help but be in awe of my husband. He has worked relentlessly for 6+ years to achieve this designation. He has had to work harder than many that were half his age. While working 12-24hr days, he’s also a Dad to 3 girls who demand and need his attention, and a caring and supportive husband. He has had a ton on his plate and he handles it in a calm cool manner.  Some may have thought these years could tear a family apart, but in our case it made us closer, stronger, tougher, and more appreciative of each other.

We are ready for the next chapter to begin though! We know it will not be easy but compared to the last 6 years, I think we can manage. We are looking forward to having a little control of our schedule, we literally go day to day, hour to hour, sometimes not knowing where or when he will be home.  Residency has been a crazy ride. He has learned so much but the demand of time and effort has been tough. I complain but he just pushes through without complaint but with complete focus. My superhero.

Thank you to all of our amazing family who have been there for us through all of these years. Moving us, taking care of our girls and dog, helping with anything we need, and being there when we just needed you.

Thank you to our new and old friends who have welcomed us and supported us. Another bonus of this adventure has been the new friends we have made along the way!

Thank you to my running buddies for keeping me sane (for the most part) and good laughs! 

We are blessed to have so many special people in our lives!

Bye bye exam time…I liked you the least!