Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update...(not a very creative title but it's been a long time!)

Well it's been over a year since I've blogged! Time has flown by so quickly it feels like I just posted my last entry a week ago! Phew! It's been a year of treading water so to speak and I'm wiped from the process to be brutally honest.

I understand everyone is busy these days, in fact it almost seems like it's a competition in society to see who can be the busiest. But not for this gal, I truly enjoy some downtime and am very thankful for those rare mornings I can get up and enjoy a quiet coffee. I've learned that my daughters love their downtime as well, so we have been taking some much needed rest time here and there this summer. Even if it's just letting the kids stay in their pjs until noon and hang out, it's quite alright because we know soon enough they'll be racing around come September.

Since my last blog entry we have moved back to Fredericton because my husband was entering his 3rd year of medicine. In 3rd year he became a clerk which essentially means he works in the hospital setting in various locations from now on. We felt that moving back was the best decision for our family and if it was meant to be things would work out. On July 31st at 11 pm we accepted the offer on the sale of our home (We had previously decided if we didn't sell the house by August 1st we would take the house of the market and not move!), that quickly sent us on a house hunt in the capital city. Within 1 week we found our new home and moved within 3 weeks. I was able to find childcare and a job within a week of moving back, things all just fell into place. The girls transitioned very well although it was tough saying goodbye to such an awesome bunch of friends. They have managed to keep in touch which warms my heart! We have been truly blessed along this journey in so many ways!

Third year has been the toughest year of medical school so far on all of us (in my opinion). My husband works long hours at the hospital plus has to study during any free time as expected. I've adjusted to the fact that we can't rely on him for any day to day responsibilities and it's tough on all of us. He is such a hands on Dad, so losing his help has been tough on the girls and I but it's also been very hard on him to miss out. He helps where or when he can but these days it's pretty minimal. He's doing extremely well in school and we are counting down the months until graduation (9 months now). Speaking of 9 months, he's been working labour and delivery and really enjoying his time there!

Our oldest daughter completed her first year of middle school and survived! She did so well and I am so proud of her, she also played competitive basketball for the first time and has become quite a good little point guard! She's not so excited to start grade 7 but I am sure she'll be happy to get back into a routine! Our middle daughter completed grade 4 and eased back into her old school and hooked up with her super bunch of friends! She's a social butterfly and brings us so many laughs! She is looking forward to her last year of elementary school and hopes to play some volleyball and basketball this fall. Our youngest will be turning 2 years old in September, she's a ball full of energy and seems to be pretty determined. She has had an amazing year of growing, and had a rough winter that gave her parents a few scares but she is healthy now and growing like a bad weed! We absolutely adore our girls and I am so very thankful for the joy they bring us!

So here's to blogging a bit more in the near future, I have some organizing projects planned so maybe I'll share them here or who knows it might be another year before I post a thing....we'll see. Thanks for checking in!