Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Thirds Through 2nd Year!

In less than 2 weeks my husband writes his big exam and his bell ringer exam (well that’s what I call it anyway) this signifies being 2/3 done his 2nd year! Yay! While he slaves away at studying and “freaking out”, I’ve been busy packing and preparing for our muchly needed vacation south. I used to get all caught up in his stress and anxiety over exams but I’ve recently learned to not get so involved in that part of his life. It’s hard enough to have one parent in the house stressed and overwhelmed but to have 2 is not very helpful. Not that I don’t care but I know he will do well as he’s proven this to me several times over our life together and my time can be better spent in a supporting role instead. Still it’s not fun even thinking about the amount of pressure he has on him, blah.

We just found out that his first 8 weeks of his clerkship will be in Fredericton. So that is a big relief for us. To have our family unit all together when school starts will be a big help, seeing as we’ll be going through enough transitions at the time. Our oldest daughter will be starting middle school in a new school and our middle child will hopefully be starting back at her old school but it will be a new adjustment. So much has to happen between now and then though….baby steps, Christa, baby steps.

Speaking of baby, our little Ava is doing very well. She’s a little over 5 months old and smiling all the time. She has been making strange with many people but this seems to be getting better lately. She’s coming down with her first cold, thanks to me. We’re hoping to get her on the mend before we head south.

Our 2 older girls are growing up so quickly and I just can’t believe how fast things change. While they can both be a handful a lot of the time; I am so proud of them for who they are. They are both involved in helping out in various activities at school, have made such great friends, help out a lot in the house, and take such good care of their little sister. They so enjoy having a baby sister around and it has allowed us to see another side of our daughters. Having a third child was one of the best things that ever happened to this family. She’s taught us a whole new level of love and I am so thankful for all my girls. Now if I can just figure out how to get through the preteen attitudes and the sibling fighting it will be a perfect household. Ha…some things get easier while others get more complex and difficult.

I recently found an exercise routine online and it was called “Fab Ab February” It started with 10 second plank, 4 pushups and 10 situps, and it builds everyday (with Sun off) ending on Feb 29 with 2 min plank, 25 pushups and 100 situps. When I started this I was weak…very weak. The first night I thought I’d never make it through but I stuck to it and by golly today is the last day and I know I will do it. I liked it so much I’m going to build a calendar for the month of March to keep adding to it. I may not have great looking abs (remember I’m 5 months postpartum…yes I’ll use that excuse) but I am stronger. I’ve never been able to do 25 proper pushups in my life and now I can!! Lookout Michelle Obama… So if you’re looking to build your core strength just take a look below or checkout my workout board on Pinterest to get the plan. Stick to it and I know you’ll succeed!