Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy Spring!!

I have never been more poked and prodded than I have in the last few months! Geesh, I can be sitting minding my own business when along comes my husband with his little Doctor hammer and asking me to relax! Ha…have you seen the new hammers? It is this long knitting needle stick with a small “tire like” thing on the end of it. Seriously how am I supposed to relax when I know he’s going to whack my funny bones with that thing! Luckily I have passed all the neuro assessments with flying colours, I am becoming more and more used to being a patient. He’s doing great by the way, working his butt off day and night but it’s absolutely paying off in his marks and his knowledge, this boy will be a wonderful, intelligent, and caring Doctor (not to mention handsome too ;-) )

We’ve begun the process of preparing to move back home. We’ve met with the realtor to list our home and have a few details to finish up on our home before we list it. Luckily my Mom and Dad are able to help get these things finished up as my husband is very busy studying for another exam coming this week. He also has his Objective Structured Clinical Examination(OSCE) coming up in mid May which is another pile of work to prep for(plus more poking and prodding of me and the kids). He really doesn’t like to miss out on doing our house projects but time is of the essence.

I’ve started coaching two of girls basketball spring league teams, it’s fun to get out with them. I haven’t had to drag our littlest with us yet but I’m sure there will be a couple of games that she’ll have to join us. She’s so easy I’m sure she’d love to come along with us. I’m also training for an upcoming 10KM run on Mother’s Day and I hope to run it with my Dad! I have a few weeks left to get my training in so hopefully I can do it. Not much else going on in our life , we had a wonderful trip to Florida in March to visit my parents. What a great time we had and it was so relaxing!

Our girls are all doing well and they are so much fun. They give us our fair share of difficult moments but it’s expected at their ages…so people tell me. But I cherish our happy moments much more than ever. I know we have good kids but wow they can be challenging to say the least. Our realtor who met with us last week commented on how calm and quiet our home was at the time and I informed her that this was not the norm and she replied “oh so you have a normal family too! “ oh do we ever!!