Monday, September 27, 2010

Embrace Change

I was driving home last night and noticing the sudden colour change in the leaves, for the past couple of weeks my family has been watching and waiting for this to occur and it seems like it happened overnight. I have usually been one to embrace change, I like change.....not just the change that jingles in your pocket but the evolving change. The one that makes us all think more about who we are and how life affects us.

This brings me to my reason for creating this blog. Life in my world has been turned upside down and a little topsy turvy. Our family has recently gone through my husband quitting his wonderful job in the IT industry that he's worked in for 15 plus years, leaving our friends and family, moving to a new city, starting our children in new schools…to name just a few.

In March of 2010 my husband came home with a letter in his hand and a face that looked like a deer in headlights. He handed the letter to me and I jumped for joy. This moment changed our lives forever; my husband is going back to university and fulfilling his dream of becoming a Doctor.

While the initial shock took many weeks to set in, big decisions had to be made. We talked to our daughters and other close family members and friends about our decision. We even contemplated just keeping on in our current life, and moving forward with our comfortable lifestyle and keep our family stable.

We also had the financial aspect of it to clearly verify how in the world we would be able to do this. Going from a comfortable income down to pretty much a very low income (I’m a teacher assistant and LOVE my job but the pay is not the reason I chose this career) to support our family was daunting. But in the end our decision was yes we can do this!

Why on earth would we choose this? Because we are taking a leap of faith and living life how it’s meant to be. I truly believe in what’s meant to be is meant to be and everything happens for a reason.

The move is now complete (thanks to our awesome family and friends for their relentless help!!), school has started for all 3 of my family members and we are doing well so far….Let the adventures continue…