Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Well the crew is back to school and we’re happy to get back into the routine of life. We had some great winter weather and we all got outside and enjoyed it.

We celebrated New Years Eve at home with the girls, my favourite way to spend it. We made pizza for supper, enjoyed chocolate fondue, played some board games and had some fireworks.

We have a special tradition we started a few years ago, each of us write something special about each family member and we read these to each other at dinner on New Years Eve. It’s a lovely way to wrap up the end of the year and make each other realize how much you appreciate them. Here is what I wrote to my super family members:

Oldest daughter– you bring smiles to my face when I see you outdoors playing and when I see you enjoying a good book. You enjoy the little things in life and care so much about others. You bring so much happiness to our lives and to others. I love your jokes and the detail you bring to your stories. When you smile you light up a room. I love you!

Youngest daughter – your laugh makes me laugh. Your common sense makes me chuckle, because you are so young to understand things. I love how you care for others and get to know people. You bring smiles to so many people by simply saying hello or telling them a little story. When you smile you light up a room. I love you!

Husband – you make me proud to be your wife and your best friend. You work so hard and never need anything in return. You don’t complain, you move forward and focus on the good things in life. You teach me how to handle things in life just by being who you are and being comfortable with yourself. Thank you for being the amazing, funny, loving, and handsome husband you are! I love you!

Charlie (our Dog) – you drive me bonkers with your dog hair and barking but I love your cuddles and the way you hang out with us. You still have lots of spunk and remind me that even when your old you can make snow angels (his fav pastime outside)! I love you Charlie!

They all wrote some pretty special things and it truly puts a smile on your face. I even shed some tears, we are so thankful for what we have and love cherishing the great moments. Like any family we have our spats and chaotic times so it’s those little moments when everyone is smiling and content that I love!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2011 filled with great moments!!