Friday, June 8, 2012

Living in Limbo

We are currently living in limbo and it's becoming more and more difficult as the weeks pass by. We have yet to sell the house, therefore everything is on hold. We knew this could happen but living it and thinking about going through it are two totally different worlds and it's not fun. Trying to manage through plan A, B, C and D are tough so I'm going with the “one day at a time” outlook. There really isn't much we can do at this point, just wait and see what is meant to be. (I'm just really hoping that “what is meant to be” and “what I want to happen” align this time) For now I'm probably going to be a bit cranky and stressed out until things get settled so bear with me everyone.

My husband is officially halfway through medical school! He has been getting adjusted to being on vacation, by reading lots of non-medical books, helping around the house, and getting things fixed that have been a bit neglected. I've also managed to get him out running with me a few times! It's nice to have him around again, the first week we had an adjustment was a bit annoying as he was kind of in the way but we're doing better now.

The kids have 2 weeks left of school and they are ready to be done. Hoping the weather will improve soon as it's been wet and chilly lately. The baby is growing and changing daily, she's started trying to crawl and pull herself up on everything! The last couple of nights she's been in bed by 6pm and sleeps until 7am! Such a good little girl!

On Mother's day I was honoured to run a 10km race with my Dad! He did so well and I was so proud to run with him and accomplish the run with him. It will be a memory I'll cherish forever and to have my mom, 3 girls, and husband to be cheering us on at the finish line was icing on the cake! Thank you so much!

We celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary this week! It's amazing to look at what has happened in those 13 years - 3 children, 1 dog, several fish, 3 houses, a couple new careers, etc. I consider myself the luckiest girl ever to have such a solid, caring, loving, funny and handsome husband. I remember my dear friends' mom wrote in a wedding card to us that our love will grow stronger as the years go by, and back then I couldn't imagine loving him more than I did at the time, but I now know what she meant and it's so true! Every year and every hurdle we get over our love just becomes stronger and deeper. Thank you for being my best friend and going through life by my side, I look forward to the rest of our lifetime together!