Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Monday!

I just got the kids shipped out the door and they undoubtedly missed the bus today. So my husband would be dropping them off, which is probably good since my oldest daughter had her project to bring in today. They were up on time but just moving at turtle speed today. I can’t say I blame them as we half expected a snow day today but we didn’t get it.

This past weekend was wonderful, probably my favourite weekend here so far. We spent Saturday morning searching for a tree farm in the area and had no luck. So we ended up at the local market to get our tree. We “thought” we found a perfect tree, so we loaded it onto our vehicle and home we went.

In the evening the girls and I headed out to get supplies for our Gingerbread house constructing that would happen Sunday. We also had to pick up more recipe/index cards for my husband's studying…he’d already written out 100 and needed more. Gulp!

Sunday we pulled our Gingerbread house planning together and decided on a “simple” pattern. My youngest and I prepared the dough and baked the pieces. The girls and I had fun putting it together. My husband stopped by for a study break to get a few pieces of candy and helped hold things together. I was pleasantly surprised at how easily it went together…..I truly anticipated the house collapsing and melt downs occurring. But here is the end result…

Penguin family

The tree also got put up today too. It on the other hand is not so pretty but it is what it is.

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