Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Parachute Released…

In my first post I wrote about the adventure we have embarked upon and taking the leap of faith; my husband going to medical school and us deciding to move our family and taking on a huge financial debt in order to make it all happen. We made ourselves as financially fit as possible and never looked back.

A few weeks ago we had a parachute release in our leap of faith! The most incredible news arrived; my husband was informed that he was the recipient of a very generous bursary that would help us significantly over the next 4 years and really our lifetime. When we received this amazing news I found myself in tears for 20 minutes, the tears were a mix of joy and a release of stress. At that point I realized the financial burden was affecting me more than I thought (or allowed myself to think).

Not only will this alleviate some burdens over our years while he’s in university but it will allow us to focus on the future of our family.

It was another little message to us that we have gone down the right path and that we need not have fear as life’s journey has ups and downs. We know there will be rough times ahead as we’ve all had in the past but for now enjoy the moments when we can and know that as my husband always has said “it always works out in the end”. Sometimes it’s just hard to see past the difficult times but those times too shall pass.

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  1. Hey Christa, I think this journey you are on as a family is just incredible. It really gives me chills too you know. It's like watching a miracle happen... And it's so extraordinary that it inspires hope to others who are curious about expanding their wings, taking a leap of faith-- and flying... Thank you for sharing your extraordinary journey...