Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Summer Vacation Everyone!!

Apologies for not posting all summer but we've been busy just like everyone else. We went on vacation as soon as school was out for a week and had a lovely time. The girls and I spent 3 weeks in my hometown so they could attend various basketball camps in the area. We enjoyed time with my parents and got visits in with some good friends and family. My husband lived the bachelor life at home with the dog for those 3 weeks, we missed him and I’m pretty sure his eating habits included a few more drive thrus than usual!

We’re all back as one family now and enjoying our first summer in this house. We love the community life here and have made some great friends. So the transition is going well….yes, we’re still transitioning…it’s a much longer process than I ever anticipated.

My husband’s job is going well but I think it’s getting to him a bit, as it would with any humane person. He’s working in the anatomy lab daily on cadavers, learning amazing things and building his knowledge but at the same time it’s tough. I think he’s looking forward to a little break before school starts at the end of August.

We’re all anxiously looking forward to Baby Wood’s arrival. I’ve been feeling great with just a few rough days. We have to go to lots of appointments lately as they are keeping a close eye on things. The girls have been very understanding and well behaved- not having family around means we drag them to all appts. Last week they got to go on the hospital tour with us and it was so nice to have them there. We have 6 weeks left until this little one will arrive. We’re slowly getting prepared we have the crib setup and the girls have painted pictures for the babe. Also some great friends have given and leant us some great items to help out (Thank you!!). The latest debate is deciding on some names for him or her…I’m sure this debate will continue for the next 6 weeks.

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