Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello June!!

We have finally started to see some sun; I think we are all appreciating it just a little more this year since we’ve had such a cold wet spring. The Wood family has been enjoying some downtime and attempting to regroup after a busy first year in our new home.

My husband has officially completed his first year of medicine and has enjoyed a couple weeks off. He started his summer job this week at the Anatomy Lab. He is really looking forward to learning lots this summer. It’s so nice to have him around again…not only to get the ‘To Do list’ done.

The girls and I are winding down our school year in 2 weeks and we are all ready for the break. We’re planning a summer vacation somewhere and hope to get a few camping trips in. Last summer was spent packing, moving, painting, cleaning and unpacking, so we really hope to squeeze in some relaxing time this summer.

I am now heading into my 27th week of pregnancy, the 3rd trimester! I am feeling great and the baby appears to be healthy. We’re all getting more excited about the arrival of this little one. Lately the focus has been on narrowing down names and figuring out just how this baby will fit into our home logistically speaking. This is so different from our first 2 children, as we had the room all set up and we had every gadget out there for babies, this time around will be different. We’ll be keeping it simple.

Last month, my husband’s dear grandmother passed away. She was a sweet, kind, proud, and very talented lady who will be cherished in our hearts forever. I am so thankful that our girls got to know her and make memories with her. On June 1st she would have celebrated her 91st birthday, our daughters decided to sing happy birthday to her out on our porch that morning. At the end of the song our youngest daughter said “Ok Nanny you can blow out the candles now!” and a gust of wind blew. The girls came running in to tell us that Nanny just blew out her candles .This is just another sweet memory given to us by Nanny. We love you and think of you often Nanny.

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