Monday, February 21, 2011

Well well it’s been too long since I’ve made a post but I truly don’t think there is anyone out there checking daily to see my latest news : ) So I think I’m safe.

It’s been a blurry last month and a half, everyone is back to school including me! I am working at a local elementary school until June. It’s nice to finally get out of the house and be with people every day even if they are children!

We found out in early January that we are expecting our third child!! And a few weeks later I began to get pretty sick as expected. My other two pregnancies I was extremely nauseated and sick for months so it’s only fair that this one gets the same entrance! I’ve been extra exhausted but I’m hoping I’ll be feeling better in weeks to come so I can begin to look forward to these exciting times.

We waited a few weeks to tell people including the girls. The girls were getting worried about their mom constantly resting and feeling sick since typically I don’t stop running around all day. My oldest was worried that my Lyme disease was coming back or something so it was more important for them to understand the cause. We told them by playing a game of hangman…”We’re having a baby” They were pretty shocked but very excited. That pretty much sums up everyone’s reaction so far.

While this is a surprise to our family we know we are very fortunate and are cherishing the fact that we have been blessed with another child. Times will be busy as I’m due shortly after the girls go back to school and my husband begins his 2nd year of Medical School!

So my apologies for no entries lately but hopefully in future months my energy will increase and my nausea will decrease. For now though it’s getting late and I must get some rest.

Night night!


  1. Wow - congrats! You have a wonderful family to bring another child into! Feel better.