Monday, February 28, 2011

March here we come...

The countdowns are on…none to a great southern warm destination though. We are looking forward to a March break for the three Wood girls. We have no major plans but do plan to relax and have some fun. My husband has another major exam coming up that week too. So he will be studying pretty intensely, and unfortunately his break is the following week.

We’ve had a couple major snowstorms over the last week and ended up with an early school closure today. The girls are still enjoying the outdoors sliding and playing with our neighbours. I haven’t ventured outside too much over the last few weeks and am ready for Spring!

We wrapped up basketball last weekend, well I thought we did. The girls are starting a 5-week clinic with the local premier basketball team Mill Rats starting this week. They both plan on playing in the local Spring League too. This makes me so happy to have 2 girls that love my favourite sport!

I’m starting to feel better pregnancy wise…but have been battling an annoying sinus infection that’s wearing me down. Hoping that I beat this soon so we can move forward and get feeling great! I am so fortunate to have such an amazing sweet family to help me out. My husband is buried in school work but has been helping when he can and the girls have been sweet and understanding about my newfound low energy lifestyle, not the norm for me!! Each week I have to let the girls know what size the baby is in comparison of a fruit…this week it’s the size of a large peach!

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