Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 2012 all!

I am really looking forward to what this year brings...more change and adjustment in life ahead. We are beginning to lift our heads and look at the near future, for the last 18 months I feel like we have been getting through life day by day with our heads down full steam ahead.

My husband just got his track selection confirmed. What does this mean? Well not a lot, yet (in my perspective...but apparently it is) It basically tells us which specialties he'll be rotating to over the next year. He got his first track selection and will be starting in Internal Medicine in September for a 12 week block. As to where he will do this, we're not sure yet...hopefully we'll know this by March.

So begins the process of "attempting" to move back "home". Since he will be on 6-12 week rotations, we've decided that it works best for us to be closer to our family as we will need a support system closer to home when he's in and out of rotations here and there. We are very hopeful that he can get some of these rotation placements in Fredericton but we have to wait and see. For now we will be preparing our house for the market and hoping we can sell our home by summer and move back.

We have lots of mixed emotions while going through this process. It's something I've been counting down since the day we moved here. But we have met so many wonderful families here that it's not going to be as easy as I anticipated. I know the girls are going to have a very difficult transition back, although they are excited to be moving back, they too have met some pretty amazing friends. But I know they will stay in touch with them and it will be OK. We've learned and grown so much from this move. We've also had our share of tough moments since we moved.

For the next couple of months we're focussing on the road ahead and enjoying the time we have here. As we have very well learned what we plan and what actually happens are two entirely different outcomes and we'll take whatever we are dealt. I've finally got back to a little bit of running but hopefully the short distances will soon turn into longer easier distances. But it feels good both mentally and physically to be on the move again and winter running is awesome (especially this winter)!

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